Comprehensive Coverage

Our main focus is to establish stable and secure data exchange solution between the Account Aggregators(AA) and business applications. We support most of types of financial instruments under the AA umbrella. Deposits / Term deposits / Recurring Deposit, Credit cards, Systematic Investment Plans, Mutual Funds, Equity / Bonds / Debentures, NPS and many more.

The solution provides auditable and secure consent management, user data audit, archiving and deletion policies to make it compliant with the respective specification.

Blazing Performance

The solution is based on HTTP/2.0 protocol which makes it high performant and robust system. The binary encoding offers benefits of lighter to transport and safer to decode as compared to other text-based protocols. The solution offers multiplexing so that your digital solutions can send multiple requests and responses in parallel. This provides Real-time updates for rich customer experience. This also improves the utilisation of resources.

Encryption and Security

All AA data exchange is based on ECHD with Curve25519. Compliance additionally requires digital signature, as JWT, to sign every request. The data fetched is processed as per the consent policies. All kinds of data access are audited to provide the necessary compliance. Moreover all financial data is stored in encrypted manner to mitigate risks.

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